Which is better: a big agency or a small agency? Big agencies may come with a marquee name and a long-winding client list, but bigger isn’t always better.Here are five reasons that a boutique agency like Trill could be the best fit for your community and content management needs:

  1.     Great value
    Boutique agencies can afford to charge less because they have smaller offices and fewer people. In our experience, large agencies usually charge for every 15 minutes of time spent, but we won’t nickel and dime you every time you call or email with a question. We are affordable and stay within your budget, so there are no surprises and no additional charges. This is especially key for up-and-coming clients with tight margins.
  2.     Technical agility
    Big firms focus on perfecting current technology, not staying ahead of the curve. Their knowledge becomes dated once the next shiny new app or gadget comes out and then they struggle to catch up. We are up to speed on emerging technologies and always have the next big thing on our radar. We live for knowledge and strive to apply the latest in social media and mobile technology to our clients’ campaigns. Test us and we’ll amaze you.
  3.     Client focus
    Large firms sometimes focus on one client over another because Client A has a bigger budget or needs more work than Client B or Client C. In fact, big PR agencies might be juggling dozens of clients while only delivering truly hands-on service to the biggest ones. Boutique agencies like Trill are capable of small and large projects without losing touch with each client’s individual needs. We give equal attention and focus to all of our clients.
  4.     Spirit of collaboration
    We understand all of the same challenges that small businesses face, because we’re a small business, too and we’ve been there or are currently there! We aim to grow with individuals and small businesses just like you, building and maintaining our reputation without spreading ourselves too thin.
  5.     Creativity
    Big agencies can certainly deliver creative work, but small agencies like Trill pride themselves on taking unique approaches that never feel too paint-by-numbers or cookie-cutter. Trill aims for campaigns that are unique while also appropriate to the client’s brand. We can truly hone in on a brand’s values and create campaigns that showcase brands in their best possible light.