Instagram was the latest platform to introduce paid ads into its platform, and with over 400 million users, the combination of paid and organic on Instagram means your potential reach is bigger than ever. It’s not just ads from large corporations, either. Enterprises of all sizes have joined in – including us and some of our clients!
There is significant value in combining organic posts with paid ads. Having multiple ways to reach potential customers on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other platforms is always a good idea. It helps to focus on setting a call to action towards customers. Posting valuable content, that is engaging to fans, builds trust. When specific posts are showing success, promoting them to a larger demographic gets the message out to future fans.

How Much Should You Spend
If you are serious about promoting your business on social media and haven’t looked at advertisements, then it’s time to start.
It’s important to know how much you should budget; no single platform can honestly evaluate your exact needs. Prices will vary depending on platform, length, how many fans their pages have, and a variety of other factors. You should be prepared to spend anywhere from $10 – $10,000 per post. Analyze your budget and use the tools that are provided to understand reach. Lock in some goals that you want to achieve using basic KPIs (key-performance-indicators) like # of new page likes or comments. Take an analytic approach; you’ll need to A/B test multiple versions of creatives and copy to understand what works best for your page.

When Should You Post
Knowing when to post is essential to the success of your ad spend. Otherwise, you could be just throwing your money away.
The following tips will help you determine when the best time to launch your ads:

  • Will your posts be relevant for at least four days after you post them
  • Has it been over six hours since you published your post
  • Have you included calls to action, to provoke more than simply just a “like” to your post
  • Has your post reached more than a 1% engagement rate? (likes + comments + shares, divided by your total number of fans)

If you can answer yes to all of these questions, then it’s time to start promoting your posts. Take your time, make sure that you’re receiving a benefit from advertisements before you spend and escalate your social media campaign. Check out the various reporting tools that each platform has and analyze, analyze, analyze!

Good luck and remember that we’re here to help.