A question that more and more businesses face is if they should have their social media accounts run by an in-house or an outsourced expert. We take an unbiased approach to weigh the pros and cons of hiring an in-house vs. outsourced community manager:


In-House expert

  • Who knows your business better than someone on the inside? After all, they work directly for your company
  • Directly understand, plan and link business objectives to a social strategy
  • Manage someone internally with full control over content and messaging

Outsourced expert

  • A broad range of experiences through a variety of clients means an abundance of knowledge, utilization of best practices, and understanding platform capabilities
  • Ability to look at the company from an external POV, which is important for strategy
  • Provide a source documentation, guidelines, and escalations processes


In-House expert

  • Training and posting is time consuming; can be costly to house someone internally
  • Demand may be too high or too low (such as round the clock-coverage) causing issues with staffing
  • Not understanding the full landscape of digital PR

Outsourced expert

  • Someone else speaking on behalf of your brand / Doesn’t have the exact personality of your brand
  • Does not know your company or industry as well as you
  • May not have the ability to react timely to a customer’s issues or feedback with direct results

There is also a third option: Hire an external company to train an internal resource! Find out how we do that.

Are there any positives or negatives that we missed?